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Version 1.0

- Initial Version

Version 1.1

- Game syncronized at 50hz

- Fix saucer/UFO speed

- Fix player shot speed

- Fix alien shot speed normal, and when less of 9 aliens (bit faster)

- Smooth alien shot animation

- Add sounds BeepFX based for "BEEPER" Sound (original BeepFX player by Shiru http://shiru.untergrund.net)

- Add AY Sounds (Fuller Box, Sinclair 128k)

- AY Sounds from and made with AYFXEdit (https://zx.remysharp.com/audio/)

- Autodetect Sound (Beeper, FullerBox, Sinclair 128k)

- If only 1 alien left, move a bit faster from left to right, as original

- Fix no delete right arrow in configure menu when players control reach the limit

Version 1.2

- Add ZX81 Version (require zxpand or rampack 32k)

- Now aliens move one at a time

- Fix aliens score

- [ZX81] wrx support

- [ZX81] chroma-81

- [ZX81] zxpand joystick support

Version 1.3

- Fix gameplay 2 players

- Re-code lot of functions to ASM

- General better speed

- [ZX81] AY-Sound + Full Chroma-81 Support

- [ZX81] Full version, look as ZX-Spectrum version

- Fix other minors bugs

Version 1.3+

- Reduce alien step sound volume to 50%

Version 1.4

- TS2068/TC2068 Support

- Sprite rutines optimization

- Fix sound detection

Version 1.4.1

- TS2068/TC2068 Joystick Support



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space-invaders-1.4.1-src.zip 81 kB
[ZX-Spectrum 48k][TS2068-TC2068] space-invaders_v1.4.1.zip 16 kB
[ZX-Spectrum 48k][TS2068-TC2068] space-invaders_v1.4.1[WAV][Turbo 59secs].zip 2 MB
[ZX-Spectrum 48k][TS2068-TC2068] space-invaders_v1.4.zip 16 kB
[ZX-Spectrum 48k] space-invaders_v1.3+ [wav][Turbo 21 segs].zip 55 kB
[ZX-Spectrum 48k] space-invaders_v1.3+.zip 16 kB
[ZX-Spectrum 48k] space-invaders_v1.3 [wav][Turbo 21 segs].zip 55 kB
[ZX-Spectrum 48k] space-invaders_v1.3.zip 16 kB
space-invaders_v1.2_wav_25s.load.zip 65 kB
space-invaders_v1.2_tap.zip 18 kB
space-invaders_v1.1_wav_27s.load.zip 70 kB
space-invaders_v1.1_tap.zip 19 kB
space-invaders_v1.1_tzx.zip 19 kB
space-invaders.tap 32 kB
space-invaders.tzx 32 kB


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Excelente Juan!



This is perfection in a TZX.  Well done, as near perfect conversion as I've ever seen and love the V1.1 update. 

Excellent conversion!  Such a simple game but so addictive.

This is amazingly authentic! Best version of Space Invaders I've played on the Spectrum! \o/

I can't get the game to start. Pressing 1 on the keyboard, but nothing happens?


Hint: Press "+" (=Key "k ") to "Insert Coin" before pressing 1 or 2 to start

Thanks! I would never have figured that out.